Cryptocurrencies and Patents: What Does That Even Mean?

With the rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, there have been questions about the implications for intellectual property and patents due to the previously unseen nature of the technology and processes. On March 1st, PayPal filed a patent for a cryptocurrency system. PayPal hopes to change the slow transaction time some customers have previously faced to […]

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we’re going to look at a key moment in history for both women and intellectual property. The Patent Act of 1790 was signed by George Washington and marked the first time in American history that both men and women were given rights to their inventions[1]. However, it wasn’t until […]

CEO of RWS Visits the IPPH of China

On 2nd March Mr. Richard Thompson, CEO of RWS, visited the Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH) of China. The CEO of IPPH, Mr. Zhu Mingang and the division heads, Ms. Shen Chuan and Mr. Hu Xinhua, attended the meeting. During the visit they discussed a number of important topics including RWS’s most recent acquisition of […]

Are you Maximizing the Reach and ROI of your Content?

As business operations become increasingly global, localized content is key to penetrate new markets and communicate successfully with global teams and customers. But what exactly does this involve? How can you ensure it is done effectively? Where should you focus your efforts? As a translation and localization provider, these are the sorts of questions we […]

The Olympics and Nike

As the 2018 Winter Olympics comes to an end we take a final look into the patents behind one of the most prominent sports brand at the Olympics: Nike. Their involvement in the Olympics was prominent with their “Team USA Medal Stand Collection” – clothing which featured insulated pockets, zippers and patented heat reflective materials […]

Top Tips for Working with Interpreters on Clinical Audits

Conducting clinical audits can present a number of communication challenges. Auditors often travel considerable distances to verify research; the last thing they need is to be unable to speak to clinical staff or verify scientific data. Here are our top tips to ensure successful communications. 1) Start planning early Having spent years developing pharmaceutical research, […]

Do You Recognize These Winter Patents?

Our Olympic theme continues as we show you five interesting patents that showcase winter gear that are still very much used today. Chloe Kim’s Gold medal win in snowboarding couldn’t have happened without a snowboard and how would we be able to watch the USA-Canada ice hockey game if the hockey stick was never invented? […]

Interview With Peter Vanderheyden of Article One Partners

AOP was launched in 2008.  In that time, they’ve grown from a few hundred researchers, to a crowd of over 42,000 registered researchers.  They’ve done research for many of the biggest names in innovation and patents, contributing work on high-profile cases and recently expanding into monetization with their unique methodology. Following the acquisition of AOP […]

Robot Patents and the 2018 Winter Olympics

Today marks the opening day of the Winter Olympics 2018 which is taking place in PyeongChang in South Korea. There have already been news worthy stories surrounding this event, including Norway’s mistaken order of 15,000 eggs when they intended to order just 1,500 due to a Google Translate error. This is before the first medal […]

Looking back on RWS China’s Annual New Year Party

The RWS China team recently celebrated a successful end to 2017 and a promising start to 2018 at their annual New Year party. Over 30 guests, including Mr. Schwarz, the IP director of Volkswagen Group China, and representatives from other businesses, got together with over 50 members of staff from RWS Beijing, Rizhao and Xi’an […]